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Yashraj Bharati Samman Gratitude Ceremony 2024 – Press Release

Yashraj Bharati Samman Gratitude Ceremony 2024 – Press Release

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Laureates of Transformation: Yashraj Bharati Samman 2024 Celebrates Grassroots Change-makers at the Gratitude Ceremony

“Honouring Pioneers & Visionaries in Healthcare, Education, and Governance Nationwide...”

New Delhi, 27th April 2024: The Yashraj Bharati Samman (YBS) reconvened its annual celebration for the second year, poised to recognize and honour the selfless endeavours of individuals and organisations dedicated to igniting positive change at the grassroots level across India. After last year’s ceremony at the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai, this year’s Yashraj Bharati Samman Abhaar Samaroh (Gratitude Ceremony) 2024 took place at the prestigious Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on the April 27th, 2024, Saturday. The event stood as a symbol of gratitude towards those who have tirelessly toiled for the welfare of the society.

The Yashraj Bharati Samman Abhaar Samaroh (Gratitude Ceremony) 2024 was a culmination of a year-round process of assessment of over 300 nominations received in the first round, across three categories: Innovation in Healthcare (IIH), Transforming People’s Lives (TPL) and Ethical Governance (EG). In the second round nominees were contacted for further details on their work. Based on their responses, the process of quantitative assessment in the third round was taken up by a dedicated team of faculty members from Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA); Prof. Harekrishna Mishra (IRMA), Prof. Shyam Singh (IRMA) and Prof. Rakesh Arrawatia (IRMA).

In evaluation round four, dedicated to field assessment, the Expert Jury was divided into three panels, one for each category. For the category of IIH the members of the Expert Jury included Prof. Rakesh Arrawatia (IRMA), Prof M. Sivakami (TISS, Mumbai) and Mr. Syed Raza Haider (founder of Siksha & Kirdar). The Expert Jury in the category of TPL included Prof. Shyam Singh (IRMA) and Mr. Ved Arya (founder of SRIJAN & The Buddha Institute); while, Expert Jury in the category EG included Prof. Harekrishna Mishra (IRMA) and Mr. D.K. Jain (Former Member, Lokpal of India & Former Chief Secretary, Maharashtra). The Grand Jury members in the final round of deliberations included Prof. Ram Charan (global business advisor, author and speaker) and Dr. Govindarajan Padmanaban (renowned biochemist and biotechnologist & former Director of IISc, Bengaluru).

Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Shri Kailash Satyarthi ji (activist & advocate for child’s rights, Founder of Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion) adorned the event with his presence as the Chief Guest providing encouragement to the Grass-root Change Makers of India at the Yashraj Bharati Samman Abhaar Samaroh 2024.

The ceremony was effortlessly conducted by noted anchor journalist and story-teller Mr. Darain Shahidi. Jumbish Arts and Theatre Group opened the evening with a musical performance of Gandhi bhajan “Vaishnav Jan to tene kahiye” along with a live demonstration of khadi thread production on Charkha. The Ceremony also featured a brilliant Bharatanatyam performance by Ms. Shreyasi Gopinath and group curated on the ethos of the Samman. As a token of gratitude, for each category, Samman recipients were presented with the Yashraj Bharati Samman medallion and citation plaque, and a sum of 1 crore 1 lakh rupees for each laureate.

The second annual Yashraj Bharati Samman honoured the following laureates – INNOVATORS IN HEALTH (INDIA) in the category of Innovation in Healthcare; TEACH FOR INDIA (TFI) in the category of Transforming People’s Lives; and ASSOCIATION FOR DEMOCRATIC REFORMS (ADR) in the category of Ethical Governance, respectively. (Details in Prerna Patrika)

The Samman Ceremony was followed by the speech of Ms. Deepali Bhanushali. Chairperson (YRF), who invited the Chief Guest for his address. Mr. Satyarthi’s speech was a captivating experience which motivated the audience to continue to work for compassion and positive change. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Mr. D. K. Jain. The Ceremony ended on a patriotic note with the National Anthem.

Laureates Profile:

Innovators In Health (IIH):

Founded in 2010 by MIT alumnus Manish Bhardwaj, Innovators In Health (India) works in the heart of Bihar, focusing on revolutionising healthcare for the underserved, starting with the district of Samastipur. They began by addressing TB patient conditions, aiming to double case-finding rates, reduce neonatal mortality, and support maternal mental health. Through strategic partnerships with organisations like Nalanda Charitable Foundation and HCL Foundation, they introduced cutting-edge technologies like Ubox and 99 Dots, enhancing TB patient adherence. Despite hurdles and social norms, Innovators In Health persevered, strengthening their resolve and collaboration with the government. Their advocacy efforts influenced policies and expanded interventions, reshaping Bihar’s healthcare landscape. Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 3, they continue their mission to ensure healthy lives for all, leaving no patient behind. From humble beginnings to pioneering progress, Innovators In Health (India) inspires change and transforms lives across Bihar and beyond, epitomising the transformative power of grassroots initiatives.

Teach For India (TFI)

Since its inception in 2009, Teach For India (TFI), dedicates itself to reshaping the destinies of underprivileged children through education. Operating in the heart of Mumbai’s urban sprawl, TFI identifies and uplifts the most vulnerable, offering a lifeline amidst societal struggles and economic hardship. Understanding the systemic barriers to educational equity, TFI implements a comprehensive approach, combining classroom intervention with advocacy and systemic reform. Central to its mission is the Fellowship program, recruiting diverse individuals committed to empowering disadvantaged youth through rigorous training and mentorship. Beyond classrooms, TFI drives systemic change through partnerships and initiatives, with tangible impacts seen in improved academic outcomes and alumni engagement. As TFI charts its course for the future, its vision of empowering leaders and transforming lives remains steadfast, heralding a future where every child has the opportunity to thrive.

Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)

Amidst India’s bustling democracy, the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) emerges as a stalwart advocate for transparency and accountability. Founded in 1999 by visionaries from IIM Ahmedabad, ADR’s genesis lies in a pivotal judicial moment when it filed a PIL with the Delhi High Court, leading to Supreme Court mandates for candidates’ information disclosure. Since then, ADR’s Election Watch initiative has epitomised meticulous scrutiny, empowering voters nationwide. Beyond elections, ADR’s vision extends to nurturing a political ecosystem grounded in integrity, evidenced by flagship projects like Mera Vote Mera Desh (MVMD) and Hum Badlenge Apna Bharat (HBAB). Leveraging technology through platforms like MyNeta, ADR democratises information access, ensuring citizens hold elected representatives accountable. The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) is actively engaged in collaborative efforts with international organisations and civil society groups to exchange best practices, conduct joint research, and promote global democratic standards. As ADR forges ahead, their mission remains resolute: cultivating a culture of transparency, essential for India’s democratic integrity.

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